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Meet the Benelux Marketing Team

Great to see you are curious about the Benelux Marketing Team!
Watch our animation below and find out what the Benelux Marketing Team is all about in 1,5 minutes.


Team members

Marc von Aschwege, Simone Polderman, Luc Meeks, Harvey Naarendorp, Martijn Smit, Janou Golsteijn, Roel Geurts, Françoise Valkenborghs. Special thanks to ARP NL team member Bart Janssens.


Read more about the team members, their drive and their specialism soon

Marc von Aschwege


Martijn Smit


Janou Golsteijn


Harvey Naarendorp


Luc Meeks


Simone Polderman

© Eric Smeets – Fotografie

Françoise Valkenborghs

Roel Geurts

Bart Janssens


IBU Campaign

Our first campaign will focus on the activities of the International Business Unit (IBU).


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If you have any ideas for campaigns that fit both brands (Bechtle direct / ARP) and both countries (Belgium / the Netherlands), please send an email to